A for Access, P for Point – 23/9/16

The story goes like this: my Xiaomi phone had gone bonkers, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 phone which I had been using before the Xiaomi phone, was called into active service, after it was stood down in January 2015. But due to mishandle, the Note 2 was fried.

My Uncle gave his Samsung GT-I8150 to me to use. I was unable to use this phone to surf the net, despite countless times trying to figure out the phone’s settings. The problem was getting frustrating.

By God’s timing, a few days ago, my buddies , Dani, David and me were having dinner together. David started talking about Raspberry Pi, wifi, server, Access Point (AP). This triggered me asking Dani for help to set up my GT-I8150 to surf the net. Dani then shared these “magic” words “mobile internet settings” to me. Google did its job.

The pictures below detail the steps taken.

Praise the Lord for fellowship with my brothers, just by being together out gains the things we learn.


1. Upon pressing the “Setting” button, this screen appears.


2. Select ‘Wireless and network” and you will be directed to this page.






3. From the previous picture of the screen grab, scroll down right to the bottom, press “Mobile networks”.


4. At this point, I had already completed several steps ahead. Here are the steps to get to this picture: a) From 3. above, press Access Point Names, b) At the bottom of the screen, press the left button, c) Select “New APN”.








5. For the data to enter into the required fields, see: https://apn-singapore.gishan.net/net_4_m1_internet_settings.php


6. Now the data connection of this mobile phone is set up, enabling it to surf the net.