Mobile Cafe Memories – 10th May 2016

New Zealand - Sir Edmund Hillary Alpine Centre

12/5 > added Canada, France, Switzerland, Turkey, Hong Kong, China.

The small dragonfly diary is meant for moments like this.

I was manning the mobile cafe in an exhibition & convention centre in Singapore. There were both local Singaporean delicacies. e.g yam cakes, Siew Mais, vegetarian dumplings, chicken char siew buns, chilli crab bun, charcoal bun with salted egg and custard sauce  & western food. e.g various types of turkey, ham and cheese, salmon sandwiches and tortilla wraps, giant cookies, blueberry/chocolate/walnut muffins, salads, yoghurts & drinks available for purchase by these overseas business visitors who came from many countries around the world, e.g., USA, Canada, Germany, UK, Netherlands, Italy, France, Switzerland, Turkey, Australia, UAE, Israel, Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, China, Sri Lanka, India and Singapore, etc., to Singapore to attend a medical technology conference.

It was fun serving them and I imagined myself as the cafe owner serving my customers from around the world.
I felt in me, a mission, to recommend local delicacies to them, as much as possible.

Encountered some customers from the Netherlands (some of them know about 3D printing), took the opportunity to share with them that my friends and me like 3D printing and in the 3DP industry, Ultimaker of Netherlands is a popular brand.

Serving in this mobile cafe brought back memories of the time I worked in a cafe in Orchard Plaza in 1990. I remembered that I had many happy moments multitasking as a chef, waiter, cleaner, cashier, serving sandwiches, croissants, salads, soups, pizzas, hot & cold beverages to my customers. It was here that I experienced how if felt to have electric current flowing through your body.
This was around the onset on the 1st gulf war. One evening, a sailor on board  a vessel in the US Navy patronised my cafe. He said he was bound for duty on a  vessel headed for the Persian Gulf. We chit chatted & till today, I still remember this moment with the US Sailor. The name “Jason” stuck in me, though I can’t remember if the Sailor or ship’s name was Jason.

Back to the present, I thought to myself, the convention which the visitors are here for, are so high tech in nature, how do the people find passion in what they do?
YouTube sure has it way of finding what I need to read and presented the following video recommendation on my YouTube home page:
Stop searching for your passion | Terri Trespicio | TEDxKC

After watching the video, I realised that what Terri spoke of, portrayed my own thoughts very well. Just what I needed. Thank you Daddy God for the right place right time video and the circumstantial experience.

Thankful also to Daddy God  that all the guests whom I had the privilege to interact with,
are friendly and pleasant to chat with.

Having repeat customers who patronised the mobile cafe, also lifted up my spirit.

The story of our Lord Jesus Christ and the samaritan woman at the well (John 4) sprang up inside me. Jesus was energized when the woman drew from Him.

There was a guy from UK and he was just so energetic and happy in going about ordering food for his wife and himself. I am very happy when he bought the local food items I recommended for him and his wife.

A few customers asked for  croissants, which we did not have in our menu.

There was a lady  (looking at her name tag) and seeing that she hailed from Florida, USA, I asked whom her choice of the next President of USA is. With steadfastness, she replied “Hillary Clinton”. Mine was Donald Trump. That drew opposition. We enjoyed our moment of conversation.

With another gentleman, me: “you had a long day”. Smiles from both sides. Customer: “you too”.

All the above are precious memories to me, one which will play back beautiful music to me all the days of my life on earth.