A naughty phone, The mischief of the mini SIM card and… – 28/5/16 – Published on 31/5/16

It was a satisfaction well received. Perhaps I am not a tinkerer (at least not yet an expert) in building, creating or modifying things. But this was a certainly an exercise in problem solving, which I enjoyed.

This brought back memories (April 2016) of that time when my mummy asked me to repair the gate controller:
I thought maybe the battery was weak so when the brand new CR25 coin battery (B) were inserted to the back of the controller and the button in front was pressed > the LED which is supposed to light up green did not. After careful observation, it was discovered that after the batteries were inserted to the battery holder (BH) and the back of the controller was screwed back on, the contact between the B and BH was not tight > there was no electrical connection between the B & BH.

This gate controller had been in use for over 8 years and in that time, the BH had expanded and became loose and did not have a tight fit between it and the B.

A simple solution was found > inserting a small piece of paper folded a few times, between the B & BH. After the back of the controller was screwed back on, the front button pressed > LED lighted up green, the opening and closing of the gate went smoothly. A solution as simple as the insertion of the paper was the solution. Much encouragement and lesson learnt was also derived from the study and analysis of the possible root cause of the gate controller not working.

Now, back to the title of this blog:

The current phone (which I got it free, on a 2 year mobile phone contract in Jan 2015) which I am using, started becoming cranky 3 weeks ago; it would reboot by itself, when it wanted to ‘torment’ me further, the phone would freeze, showing either the logo of the phone brand or the whole screen would “hibernate” in blue colour. This freeze state would last from a few minutes to an unknown amount of time. Sometimes this process would repeat itself, until “seemingly” normal usage returned to the phone. All these resulted in the phone being heated up very fast and felt very warm to the touch on the screen and also the back of the phone, at the area beside the phone camera lens. A fall out was also the battery power being drained out very fast > each occurrence of this “torment” led to the battery power percentage reducing by about 5%.

The phone would throw its tantrum at any time of the day and its awful frequency is hard to predict.

Dani and David, good buddies of mine had advised me to increase the internal memory of the phone (which is a pathetic 6GB), and I did so, by uninstalling some applications and removing some images from Facebook which had somehow found its way to the storage of my phone (perhaps there was some sync. I had done, without realising it). The internal memory increased from 700MB to 2.7GB.

The tantrumatic behaviour of the phone lessened in frequency and the freeze state duration had also reduced. However, 1 day later, it went back to the “unbearable” state.

Finally, I decided that maybe my previous Samsung Galaxy Note 2 phone (which I used from Jan 2013 to Jan 2015) should be called up for action, after being “frozen” for more than 16 months). The mini SIM card was inserted to the SIM card holder in the phone.
After powering up, there was an error message “No SIM card”. I removed and inserted the mini SIM card to the SIM card holder for another 2 times, but still the error message persisted. Thank God for google, after a few searches, I came across this article:

Why does my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 say “No SIM card” when I insert a SIM card…

and read the advises by Srinivas and Jaichander, tried it and it worked!

See pictures of what works:

DSCF7049 DSCF7051

(My buddy, David reminded me to insert paper and not card board between the mini SIM card and holder, so as to avoid the cardboard being jammed inside the holder.)

Finally the mini SIM card holder was detected and now I have more productive time to spend, including writing this blog.

We will meet soon.


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